Crew Management

Crew management encompasses a broad range of activities covering the recruitment and selection, deployment, training and ongoing management of the officers and ratings engaged on vessels under full management or crew management contracts.crew management

These services are provided by Britannica Maritime for a broad range of cargo vessels including specialist tonnage, and by Britannica Maritime Leisure for cruise ships, ferries and super yachts.

These services are managed by dedicated staff located in an extensive network of Group-owned Crew management offices or CMO’s. This network extends to 35 offices located in the countries from which seafarers are recruited; these include The Philippines, India, Russia and the Ukraine, as the primary sources.

Information relating to the engagement of seafarers according to national and international regulations and the specific needs of ship owning clients is managed by the bespoke ShipSure crew module. This system stores and makes information available to users throughout the network for planning purposes and links to other financial and operational systems used by the group.