Dredging Services

Britannica proides international standard dredging serices at indigenous  costs.

 Sea Diamond 

Principal Dimensions

Length Over All / Hull :

77.0 m (incld. protrusions)

53.34 m

Breadth (mld):

14.02 m

Depth (mld)/ Draught (mld):

 4..04 m

2.20 m

Machinery Data

Total Installed Power:

8,000 hp

Dredge Pump / Cutter Power:

5,000 hp

800 hp

Main Pump Engine:

2 x 2,438 hp @ 1,000 RPM

Main Generator Engine:

1,725 hp @ 900 RPM (Port Side)

Auxiliary Generator Engine:

1,000 hp @ 900 RPM (Starboard Side)

Dredging Capacity

Nominal Dredging Capacity:

1,000~1,200 m3/hr

Nominal Pumping Distance:

Nominal 3,000 m  (2 pumps in series)

Pipe Line Diameter

f750 mm

Dredging Depth

 20.0 m (Max.)

Dredge Pump Data

Suction Pipe Diameter:

f800 mm

Discharge Pipe Diameter:


Dredging Equipment

Cutter Dimensions

f3,000 x Length 2.00 M

Cutter Speed

15~30 RPM @ Const. Torque/13~34 RPM @ Const. Power

Winch Power

120 hp

Other Information

Gross/Net Tonnage

847 /  816




2,720 tons

Country of Build / Year Build :



The Promoter Directors of Britannica hae allied with international dredging companies in Indian Subcontinent and hae an experience of executing dredging works as per international standards.

It has acquired the suitable dredgers for maintenance and capital dredging.

There is a significant increase in dredging requirements in India and Asian region as new  port expansion projects are being taken up.

Technical Skills

  • Capital and Maintenance Dredging and Reclamation
  • Dredging  harbors and waterways
  • Laying  underwater cable
  • Dredging sand for land reclamation
  • Beach and foreshore replenishment
  • Construction of artificial islands
  • Enironmental dredging

Britannica has taken on charter three dredgers and owns one dredger :

Aru II : A trailing suction hopper dredger.  She is currently executing Dredging contract in Indonesia

Bali II : A trailing suction hopper dredger. Currently in Battam Indonesia.

Dredging Support Services

We provides dredging support services as follows:-

o Pre and post-dredging survey services and positioning during dredging operations

o Quantity calculation of dredging material and sediment transport

o Siltation studies

o Feasibility study for maintenance dredging pattern

o Beach replenishment

Dredging Support Survey

We are leading service provider of Dredging Support Services. We Our team of trained people renders comprehensive support services for dredging operations.

We offer following Dredging Support Services:

  • Pre and post-dredging survey services and positioning during dredging operations
  • Quantity calculation of dredging material and sediment transport
  • Siltation studies
  • Feasibility study for maintenance dredging pattern
  • Beach replenishment

DSI is the pioneer of pipeline inspection robotics in India. DSI started the indigenous manufacturing of pipeline inspection robots in 2006 while executing the inspection works for Delhi Jal Board for the work of rehabilitation of trunk sewers in Delhi.

Over the last 10 years, DSI has perfected their robots for all types of pipeline inspections, including but not limited to sewer pipelines, water transport pipelines, seawater intake pipelines, industrial wastewater pipelines, marine outfall pipelines (effluent), drainage, underwater tunnels, et cetera. DSI has worked for many major pipeline asset owners across India and has earned a fierce reputation as an authority in Pipeline CCTV Inspections and robotics based pipeline maintenance services provider.

DSI provides specialized inspection, repair & maintenance services to various public and private sector organizations using self developed robotic machines to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, reduce execution time, eliminate risk to human life while maintaining a cost effective solution to problems that have limited or no solution using classical methods.

The Indian industrial environment benefits from its vast resource of cheaply available skilled and non-skilled labour. It is not DSI’s intention to substitute human labour but to find solutions to problems where either human access is not possible 

or at high risk or legally not allowed.

Out of DSI’s long list of robotic platforms, the Beaver™ series of Pipeline CCTV Inspection Systems, OWL™ series of Underwater Cameras & LED Lights and Beaver™ series of crawler platforms are available for industrial and commercial consumption.

We export of our products South America, Africa, Middle East Co. and we also import 60% of products from US, UK, Germany, Switzerland.

Dredging and Reclamation

LAXYO ENERGY LIMITED's dredging verticle started in December 2015. We are part of Laxyo Group, a reputable, Madhya Pradesh based group of companies with a lineage of more than 50 years. We are here to provide unparalleled services to our clients. We offer dredging and land reclamation services including operation and maintenance of portable dredgers. Backed by an enthusiastic team of qualified experts, we aim to establish ourselves in the private sector as a major dredging company.

Our dredging services include:

  •  Capital dredging and maintenance dredging of harbors and ports
  •  Dredging of rivers and canals for irrigation and waterways
  •  De-silting lakes, reservoirs and ash ponds in steel plants
  •  Maintaining the intake channels in power plants
  •  Offshore pipeline trenching & Bacfilling
  •  Geophysical and hydrographic surveys
  •  Underwater photography and diving services
  •  Maintenance dredging
  •  Land Reclamation
  •  Rock Dredging (Under water drilling & Controlled blasting)


About Us

Laxyo Energy Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 18001:2007 OHSAH Certified Company. It is amalgamated combination of firms and organizations which began several years ago. Its Core business fields are in giving administrations to Turnkey Construction of Railway Track, Maintenance of Railway Track, Operation and Maintenance of Plants including Cement, Power, Steel and Chemical plants, Roads and Civil Construction Work, Mechanized Cleaning and House Keeping and in Mining Activities. By section of time a passage has been made in Software Development where Laxyo Solutionsoft, the Software wing of Laxyo has a committed group to take into account needs of Information Technology related issues. This has earned tremendous valuation for cost cognizant transport administrators in the modern and government divisions also.

Laxyo has wandered in exchanging field likewise by giving consumable merchandise at an exceptionally sensible and reasonable rate through DBF vertical having branches in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh with arrangements to extend promote in Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. Furthermore to provide concentrated and require premise instruction the gathering has begun Lakshya International School at Nagda and Pratapgarh with arrangements for further new foundations in not so distant future. The Group knows about its Corporate Social Responsibilities and has its own particular Maa Gayatri Hospital at Ratlam giving fabulous restorative offices at exceptionally sensible charges to residents from connecting ranges.

The Group trusts that better lawful learning enhances the living states of the nationals furthermore can be of help to youngsters who plan to take up this calling for their occupation. Another Vertical Advocate Mail has been made for granting legitimate area and working background learning to the understudies of lawful calling amid their entry level position period. The Group's devoted assets and servers are accessible for online investigation of lawful cases for Indian Judiciary as well as for other just nations.

Laxyo has a vast armada of Plant and Machineries, Equipments, DG Sets, Air Compressors, Cranes, Dozers, Dumpers, apparatuses and handles, and so on for encouraging execution of agreements or giving administrations to meet the necessities of the Clients. Groups of Experienced and all around qualified Technical, non-specialized and administration expert are on its moves to give regulatory and supervisory administrations. Ex Senior authorities from Indian Railways and Public Sector give genuinely necessary consultancy administrations to ventures of Laxyo. At the same time around Two Thousand very talented, gifted, semiskilled and casual labor is accessible to meet works necessity. Laxyo HR office continually screens and meets the labor necessities of all undertakings through general new arrangements, migration after appropriate preparing or without preparing.

Laxyo is pleased to say about some of its Clients which incorporate Indian Railways, Adani, Aditya Birla Group, Binani Cement, Birla Corporation, Essar Steel, JK Cement, Jindal Steel, L&T, Maral Overseas and so on. Customer's fulfillment is the settled resource for Laxyo and the rundown of fulfilled customers will undoubtedly develop in future.

The Group's exercises spread to the conditions of various countries..

Irian Jaya : A trailing suction hopper dredger. Currently  in Indonesia

Sea Diamond : Cutter Suction dredger owned by Infra Dredge Services Pvt. Ltd is under dry dock at Hong Kong Shipyard.