Surveys / Repairs / Emergency Works

Surveys / Audits / Investigations


Staff of Company "Britannica Maritime Ltd." consists of qualified surveyors and auditors who carry our their activity on behalf of different Flag Administrations and Classification Societies. Our surveyors and auditors perform following services:

  • ship's technical surveys; 
  • interim, initial, annual (for companies), intermediate (for ships), renewal and occasional audits in accordance with requirements of ISM/ISPS Codes;
  • docking, initial, annual, intermediate, renewal classification and statutory surveys;
  • occasional surveys from different classification societies;
  • for insurance companies: all kinds of P&I surveys, professional investigation, analysis and assessment of loss of casualties;
  • preparation of ship before survey of classification society.

Diving Works


  • Emergency repair of the underwater part of ship's hull of any degree of complexity and conditions including ice condition.
  • Stopping of hull's leakage.
  • Survey of the underwater part of ship's hull, sea valve, propeller-rudder system.
  • Photo-, video shooting of the underwater part of ship's hull and propeller-rudder system.
  • Cleaning of the underwater part of the ship's hull, sea valves, propeller-rudder system.