Quality & Safety Policy

Company Safety Policy

Company Safety Policy is to achieve the general objectives provided by the ISM Code (International Safety Management Code) and to realize them in Safety Management System; to help and render assistance to the shipowners (operators) for providing the safe operation of ships at the level of international standards and in accordance with international Conventions, Codes and Manuals.

Providing its services our Company "Marine Safety Management" ltd. follows all international and national safety and pollution prevention standards. Our Company realizes its aims by means of maintaining of two-way ship-to-shore communication, analyzing reports from Master and other crew members regarding discovered non-conformities and working out of mutual corrective actions, preparing of shipboard manuals, booklets, and emergency plans that promote effective work of the vessel and provide the realization of company safety and pollution prevention policy as for the ship as for the company.

Company Quality Policy 

“Marine Safety Management” ltd. is aimed to provide quality services to its clients promoting high standards of maritime environment. It is the policy of “Marine Safety Management” ltd. to meet the individual and collective needs of our clients and to provide services in accordance with international Conventions, Rules, Regulations and Standards.“Marine Safety Management” ltd. realized its activity in compliance with the Quality Service Regulations, which shall serve to achieve the aims and increase effectiveness of our work.The main principles of work of “Marine Safety Management” ltd. is to provide high standard services which constantly meet clients’ expectations by means of combination of modern technology, teamwork of our qualified staff in the process of realization and improvement of quality policy while realization activity of our company.